Ronny Dakota

Name:  Ronny Dakota

Gender:  Male

Relationship Status:  Married to Patricia

Location:  Longview, WA, United States of America

Introduction:  Travel lets me wander almost anonymously among others’ lives, joining them for moments of intimate conversation and taking the next train out. I appreciate watching interactions with an eye for humor and irony. I find food and ritual better and more meaningful topics than politics.

Interests:  Travel, cooking and eating (not in that particular order), walking, gardening, reading, music, birds, and a good cigar (occasionally).

Favorite Movies:  “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, “Gladiator”, “Things We Lost In The Fire”

Favorite Music:  Baroque and earlier with a fondness for Heinrich Schütz and J.S. Bach. Buddy Holly, REM, and the Baltimore Consort make life good. :-)

Favorite Books:  ”The Immense Journey”, by Loren Eiseley “The Magus”, all the Hobbits, and anything about travel by Paul Theroux

In Search Of:  The perfect dining experience.

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