Walking 51 Capitals

US Capitol

We began with tentative conversations: You know, it might be interesting to try that. Sure, it’d take forever, but we could just start and see how it goes. We ordered the record books from AVA and on 3 October, 2004, entered our first capital stamp a few miles up the road at Continue reading

Toronto to Vancouver, B.C.

Saturday, 20 October, 23:15, Car 120, Cabin D aboard Train 1, the Canadian

After breakfast, we moved to the Parlor Car to watch our train snake around curves, rivers, and lake shores. Our passage was through scrub pines and tamarack, muskeg bogs and small lakes: The Canadian Shield. I kept an eye out for good photographs and hoped for a moose or a bear. Instead, I saw several abandoned cars, Continue reading

Toronto – The Last Capital

Riding a VIA Rail Corridor trains was a pleasant surprise, one occasioned by the fact that I knew nothing about the route or the trains. We boarded at the Ottawa station, about 4km from the downtown. It’s really not a walkable distance.

We arrived at Toronto Union, an older station a few blocks from the Lake Ontario waterfront serving VIA, subway, and commuter rail. The entire area is now a construction zone as more transportation capacity is added. Continue reading